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Character First Eduaction
Character First
I will never act impulsively;
I'll always stop and think.
I will keep my body healthy
With the things I eat and drink.

I will always ask for what I need,
Not beg for what I want.
I'll use anger as my signal:
I must yield my rights at once!

My character is what will make
A leader out of me!
So next time through, let's say it more

--How will this action affect myself and other?
--Is the action helpful or harmful?
--Am I giving in to my impulses and desires?
--How will this action affect my long-term goals?
Concept by: Character First Eduaction
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-articles about persons who are known for one of the character qualities

-drawings your children have made related to a character quality

-quotes you find about character

-pictures of role models with good character.

Good Character Bulletin Board
To help promote a "climate" of good character in your home, make a bulletin board to display encouraging items promoting character: