Not act impulsively
Not equate my desires with rights
Set limits for myself
See anger as a sign that something is wrong
Walk away from things that aren't right.

vs. Self-Indulgence
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When you see the bigger picture, you find it easier to put aside wrong desires and to maintain self-control.
I will:
Same energy, different use.
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How Is Your Self-Control?
"Govern your passions or they will govern you."

Latin proverb

1. Have you set long-term goals? Do you measure your actions by these goals?

2. Do you think before you speak and act? Are your words encouraging and positive? Are your actions free of harm to others?

3. Do you recognize your weaknesses and set boundaries for yourself?

4. Do you plan ways to protect your weak areas or do you cater to them? Do you avoid people and places that might push you into wrong actions?

5. Do you plan ahead how to handle a difficult situation? Do you mentally rehearse right responses in those potential situations?

6. Do you choose companionship that will strengthen or protect your weak areas?

7. Do you have an accountability partner to help you in those weak areas?

Which one is under control?
Which one is beneficial?
What is Self-Control?

Self-control is the inner discipline to be able to make wise choices. It involves sacrifice in order to gain a higher goal. It requires focus on those higher goals, with the ability to put aside immediate needs or pleasures in order to achieve those goals.

A person with self-control has internalized rules, so that they become a guiding standard within, rather than having to be told how to conduct himself. He has set proper limits so that good things do not become excessive. He has set those standards in advance while thinking clearly, not in the pressure of the moment. He has chosen to exercise control over his emotions, appetites, and use of time.

"Ultimately the only power to which man should aspire is that which he exercises over himself."

--Elie Wiesel