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Bald eagles almost became extinct in America a few years ago! But many people began to protect the bald eagles from hunters and other dangers. Because eagles are such responsible parents, their numbers have been greatly increasing.
A male and female eagle will work together for life to guard a huge territory against dangerous birds and animals that might attack their nest.

They build their big nests made of many heavy sticks high in trees away from predators. Both female and male eagles sit on the 2 or 3 eggs for about 35 days to keep them warm and protected, making an umbrella with their wings.
The father works extra hard to catch enough fish to feed the babies and mother.

When the eaglets are old enough to fly, the eagles gives flight instruction to them and then demonstrate how to fly. They place food a little ways from the nest to motivate the eaglets to try to fly, but the parents are always ready to swoop under the babies to keep them from falling.
When the eaglets are ready to fly, the adult eagle will fly just ahead of the young, creating an updraft from their wings to help support the young eaglets. They continue this support until the eaglets get used to flying by themselves.
From building the nest to empty nest, eagles are wonderful examples of responsibility!

First to 50 Game

In this gave, each person takes responsibility in his turn for naming a category, such as black cars, or orange signs.

Then each person counts as many items in that category as he can see.

The first one to 50 wins.

Each person is responsible for his honesty in numbering the items.