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Questions for Discussion
What is Responsibility?
Concept by Character First
"Responsibility" is similar to "initiative," but responsibility carries with it the concept of duty to carry out assigned tasks. These tasks may be given by an authority or implicit in the roles one walks in, whether as a child, teacher, parent, employee, or citizen.

To carry out these duties, it is important to have an inward commitment to be responsible and to complete the tasks assigned from an inward sense of motivation. Although willing to be accountable, a responsible person will not be dependant on the approval of others to do a task well.

Part of walking in responsibility involves knowing what steps the task includes and learning how to fulfill them. Only the one who completes his assignments well will be promoted to greater responsibility and to further leadership positions.

1. Do you know fully the duties you need to fulfill in each area of responsi- bility you have? How can you find out?
2. What skills, knowledge, and resources do you need to improve your ability to fulfill those duties?
3. How would being accountable to someone help you fulfill your duties?
4. What prevents you from fulfilling your responsibilities? How can you override or remove those hindrances?
5. What excuses do you make when you don't fulfill a responsibility?
6. Do you keep responsibility in balance with your desire for rights?
7. Do you balance responsibility at work or in civic affairs with relation-
ships and personal needs for rest and health?
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Keep my promises
Not make excuses
Do all my work to the best of my ability
Make things right when I do wrong
Know my duty and do my duty
"Knowing and doing what is expected of me."