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How would you like to be involved with building character into the lives of our community?
We need your help in building a culture of character in our community. With the help of citizens committed to good character, our community can become a better place for us all to enjoy.

Ways to be involved:

1. Commit to building character in your life and in your area of influence in the community. Click on the side bar to see how you can promote good character in your domain.

2. Talk about character and the monthly character with those you see often. Tell others about this character initiative.

3. Positively affirm and praise those you see exhibiting good character. Be specific; for example, say, "I noticed how patient you were with the new store clerk when he couldn't find what you wanted."

4. Contact the Character Council to volunteer time or financial support in promoting and rewarding good character.

5. Share your ideas with the Character Council for promoting good character within the community.

6. Nominate someone you know who exhibits good character for one of the monthly character awards.

7. Let the Character Council know about role models, links to other websites, and other resources that discuss good character.

8. Check out the "Resources" page to get other ideas to promote good character.

Specific needs the character council has now:
1. Champions for character in the different sectors of the community
2. Writers
3. Footwork
4. Donations to help with the expenses of the Character Coucil (501c3 applied for)
Promote good character in your area of community life!


Donations may be made by check to:
Character Council of Hempstead
P.O. Box 457
Hempstead, TX 77445
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