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Responsibility means a person does what he or she has promised to do or is expected to do. To be responsible, a person needs to find out exactly what is expected and learn how to complete the task.

A person who shows responsibility in completing small tasks proves he or she is ready for greater responsibility. Only with responsibility come the rewards of greater privileges.

The role we are in carry duties with them. Children have the responsibility to obey and respect their parents and teachers, to learn all they can during their years in school, and to develop their abilities the best they can.

What is Responsibility?
I will keep all of my
And no excuses make.
I'll do all my work the
best I can,
Whatever it may take.

I will make things right
when I do wrong
To clear my conscience
I will know and do what
Are expecting me to do!

My character is what
will make
A leader out of me!
So next time through,
let's say it more

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George's aunt warned him sternly that he was not to make a mess in her house and George agreed. But he forgot to watch them and soon, little white fluffy missles with a seed attached were floating around the house. They even landed in Aunt Sue's smooth tub of fresh butter and worse yet-in the plum preserves she was making in her big open kettle.
Uncle Moses reminded George that he had promised not to make a mess in the house, and spanked him for it, reminding George to always think about the results of his actions. George cleaned up his mess, taking responsibility for the mistake he had made.
George learned to be more careful about where he left his experiments, but he did not lose his interest in plants. He was responsible to do his chores at his aunt and uncle's house where he was living, but then he would tend to the plants he grew and study to learn all he could about them. He later got his college degree in biology and became a famous professor and scientific researcher.

Keep my promises
Not make excuses
Do all my work to the best of my ability
Make things right when I do wrong
Know my duty and do my duty
"Knowing and doing what is expected of me."
"Aunt Sue, look what I found!" exclaimed George, as he ran up the front steps to his aunt's house. George loved plants and was always curious about new ones he found. He held up a few stalks of weeds with pods on the end: "They're milkweeds. It will be fun to see them open up in a few days!"