- Do what is right before being told.
- Not put off until tomorrow the things I can do today.
- Contribute to the success of the whole team.
- Be a part of the solution rather than the problem.
- Look for ways to help others.

vs. Idleness
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Building Initiative in your life:

1. Look for needs. Train yourself to be aware of needs around you.
2. Seize the opportunity. Don't procrastinate out of laziness or fear. Take ownership (responsibility) beyond your assigned tasks. Break large projects into achievable steps and begin.
3. Be a team player. Initiative can make a team successful. Meet the needs you see while fulfilling your own responsibilities first. It will make the wheels turn smoothly on the team project.
4. Think ahead. Think through projects and prepare to solve problems before they arise.
5. Manage your time wisely. Determining your priorities and using slack time to fulfill small tasks will bring greater results. Planning time for rest can increase your productivity.

Permission to use granted by Character First

What is Initative?

-Initative is the ability to begin and follow through with a plan or task, the willingness to take the first step, or the act of taking the lead. People with initative are said to be "self starters," because they do not need close supervision. They see a need, carefully plan ways to meet that need., step out to act, and follow through until the need is met. Initative means taking responsibility for a task that needs to done, even though it wasn't necessarily assigned to the person. It means taking ownership in making a group project successful.

A person with initiative has the character within to try, even when the task looks difficult or there will be no reward. He is willing to go beyond what is assigned.

I will:
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."

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--Thomas Edison
-Am I overstepping another's role? Would that offend them?
-Would it be appropriate to act in this case?
-Will I neglect my own obligations if I act?
-Can I fulfill my commitments to my authorities without overextending my time with this extra task?

- Seeing bulk mail left lying around the Post Office and picking it up.
- Seeing strangers in a meeting and welcoming them.
- Noticing that the office coffee pot is empty and refilling it.
- Noticing that the yard of a neighbor who is ill needs mowing and mowing it.
- Inspecting the equip- ment needed on a project in advance and being sure it will work properly.
Balance Initiative
with Cautiousness
What Does Initiative Look Like?
- - "That isn't my job!"
- - "I won't get the credit for doing that."
- -"Doing that task would be below my dignity!"
- -"I don't know how to do that!"
- -"I'm afraid to do that."
- -"I'm really too tired."
- -"I'm too busy."
Before you act, ask yourself:
If you notice a need, perhaps it is your task to address it!