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Turn Someone in for Good Character

Officer Byron Fausset responded to a call Wednesday, November 14, to hand a citation to the Hempstead City Secretary, Barbara Haffelfinger. For showing the good character quality of punctuality, she received complimentary coupons from Jack in the Box and Pizza Hut as a reward.

These rewards will be given by the Hempstead Police Department when a citizen "turns someone in" for showing the character quality being featured the current month. Hempstead citizens simply need to call the Police Department (826-8838) to do so.

The character rewards program is an incentive from the Character Council of Hempstead, a group made up of residents who believe that good character can make a difference in the community. The Council was formed at the request of Mayor Michael Wolfe and the City Council to promote awareness in Hempstead of the importance of good character.

Each month, a new character quality will be featured on a two-page insert in the Hotline Press, on signs located at entrances to the city, and on the Character Council's website: The Council is encouraging organizations, businesses, and families to sign up as "Character Builders."

Contact the Character Council at (713) 542-4888 and the Police Department at 8267-8838. Help your city reward good character!

Watch the Hotline Press -

Each month, the Hotline Press will have a section promoting the character quality of the month. Families will especially enjoy the free material presented there for instruction and fun.

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