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About Us
The Character Council of Hempstead is made up selected members of the community who share the common goal of serving our community through promoting and rewarding good character. The group is a non-profit*, non-religious organization founded in May 2007 that seeks other like-minded volunteers to further the understanding and practice of good character on a wider basis in the community.

At the request of Mayor Michael Wolfe, Jr., the Hempstead City Council declared unanimously in April 2006 that Hempstead is a City of Character. That resolution qualified Hempstead to be member of the International Association of Cities of Character (IACC), comprised of over 200 cities and states across the nation. Being a member of IACC gives our Character Council access to printed resources, character consultants, and seminars, as well as links with other cities willing to share their resources for developing good character.

*501C3 status in process

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Character Coucil of Hempstead
P.O. Box 457
Hempstead, TX 77445

713 542 4888
979 826 2195
"Character transcends culture, race, age, social status, religion, gender, and nationality, because it deals with the daily struggles of human nature."
--from Achieving True Success
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